Sustainable Soil Economics™

Farming Blueprint is developing a web-based Sustainable Soil Economics™ tool to help everyone look at their landscape from a soils perspective. Our tool will help today’s farmers cultivate healthier soils and also educate the next generation about the importance and economic value of the nutrients in soils.

In the meantime, we are gathering a community of different people from different places and in different industries, but all sharing a passion for healthier soils to create a healthier world. We’re starting a discussion about soils, using a language that is comfortable for us all, not just scientists and lab folks. We’ll journey into the organic layer and beyond and back again. (That’s right…into the soil pore, my friend!) And let’s make it a global journey, learning how other soils relate to other cultures, food, and all kinds of other neat stuff!

It’s going to be fun and we hope you’ll join us!
Teresa Morris, Soil Fanatic